About this blog

Smallbizartist is a handy resource for small business owners to improve their branding and advertising efforts without the technical jargon or the need for roof-breaking budgets. No subscriptions, no guesswork. Hi, my name’s Jeff. I’m a copywriter and I’ve wielded my pen in advertisements for numerous big names from consumer electronics to premium ice cream. I’m sharing my knowledge here in the hope that small business owners can also capture a share of the market. It’s a game not only the big boys can play. The posts are simple and straight to the point. What you see is what you get. Just be inspired and start applying the ideas to your business.

I started this blog because I’ve seen far too many brand messages on the street that are crying out for a major makeover. If they need to be everywhere, they need to look good. It’s a terrible waste that some companies invest a sum of money in branding or advertising themselves but only to settle for the ordinary, either out of pure convenience or a lack of courage. The failure to create a unique brand identity or selling point is also why many advertisements end up looking and sounding like “another one of ’em”. For small business owners, I believe the greatest challenge is to emerge from a sea of look-alikes and to deliver a brand promise that is fiercely consistent, come what may.

When I write, I think about how I want to be seduced by the brand — the opening that piques my interest, the slick but alluring sales pitch and the closing that prompts me to take action (seriously important, if you ask me). Branding and advertising are very much like dressing up your business. If you wouldn’t be caught dead looking like a drowned rat on your first date, there’s no reason why you should let your brand message lose a prospective client at the utterance of “Hi”. This blog wlll be updated a couple of times each week so swing by often for tips on how you can improve your brand’s image.


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